Hi, this is Pearl, looking for the PRETTIEST, HEALTHIEST and most PERFECT purebred Shiba Inu or Japanese Spitz puppy?  You have come to the right place!  We speak English and Chinese. 我們說中文

We are home breeders and a professional pet shop, not a puppy mill or middleman.  Based in Los Angeles, California and Taiwan, we ship puppies to North America and Asia.   

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We are the only puppy seller in the world to give our puppies 90 nutrients as recommended by the #1 vet in the world. 

Also, we give our puppies a $360 dollar X-ray test to prove they have no congenital bone or hip defects.  Our puppies must pass a nose-to-tail vet check and pass other health tests before you receive him/her.

We are the only puppy seller in the world to have such high standards and quality! We regard the health of our puppies as most important.

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Our Shiba Inu parents have won 1st and 2nd place in the Taiwan Shiba Inu competition!

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Intro in Chinese:

Hi, 我是Pearl。你在找最漂亮、最健康、最完美的狗狗嗎?你來對地方了!我們英文、中文都可以溝通。

我們是自家生柴犬和專業寵物店,我們不是puppy mill,也不是仲介或中間人。我們的基地在洛杉磯,可以把狗狗寄到全美國。請從最上方“Menu”進入,點選“BLOG”,就可以看到狗狗的資料,找到你心中完美的狗狗。




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