Review 1

I can’t get enough of my experience with Johnson and Pearl. I was very surprised how they do love all their puppies.They always help you to take care of your furry friend when you need assistance. Every time when I needed some advice, Johnson provided me with all essential information. It’s really great! I could always rely on this family and make sure that my puppy would be alright.

Guys, thank you so much for your dedication to what you do, for your support, for a way how you communicate with customers. Honestly, I felt special because of your approach to treat your customers. It makes you absolutely unique.

Thank you, Olga K.


Review 2

Chris Hu with his puppy OJ

I had been set on looking for a Shiba Inu puppy for about 2 years since I first met my first one through my roommate. As a result, I had gone through a reasonable amount of time looking for a breeder in California. However, all breeders I had come across either had waitlists over a year long with no guarentee of how the puppy will look. I did come across some breeders who did have puppies for sale immediately but after I had done more research, they turned out to be puppy mills selling mixed-puppies that have been kept in cramped backyards (which can have a delayed but devastating effect on the puppy’s health and behavior) as pure-bred shibas. Finally, I came across Pearl and Johnson who offered a competitive and reasonable price for a very high quality puppy. In fact, they had taken care of the bulk of the logistics of flying my puppy over to California from Taiwan and it still cost the same as I would have paid from a breeder with year long waitlist. From our conversations, I could tell that they really knew what they were doing and made a good effort to make sure that I knew everything I needed to know about taking care of my new puppy. If you are considering a puppy and whether you are a new or an experienced owner, I can whole-heartly reccomend Pearl and Johnson as your first choice. Currently, my puppy is 7 months old and I got him around 3 months old and he is as handsome and healthy as ever.  Instagram: @wilbur_the_shiba

-Chris Hu


Review 3

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We received our cream shiba inu (Rocket) in July of 2018. The purchasing process was very easy and Pearl and Johnson were great to work with. They provided us all the information we needed prior to pick up and also gave us numerous tips to keep the puppy healthy. We had to leave on a trip a few weeks after we received Rocket and they volunteered to puppy sit for us. This shows that they are not only breeders but they care about the puppy’s well being.

Rocket is almost 5 months now and he is very intelligent, handsome, and healthy! Every person that meets him instantly falls in love. Thanks Pearl and Johnson for our little baby. We can’t imagine life without him now! 🙂

-by Kim Wong


Review 4


Hi!  Here is my review.

Working with Pearl was a great experience! Before picking up Max they were incredibly informative about Shibas. They made sure I was fully informed before I picked up my Shiba Max. They answered questions about health, care and training. They sent me many articles about how to work with Shibas and to raise them right. They do truly care about the puppies they sell. I have had Max for about 6 months now and until today I still ask questions and they answer almost immediately to all my questions! It truly was an amazing experience working with Pearl and I recommend them to anyone looking for a Shiba!!!  Thank you.

– Mike Meksian


Review 5


Review for Shiba Inu

I bought a Shiba Inu puppy from Pearl and Johnson and they have been extremely helpful throughout the whole buying process. Buying a puppy can be stressful but they really do try to make it as easy as possible. Even months after the adoption, whenever I have behavioral questions about my puppy, they are quick to respond and offer excellent advice. You can tell they really care about dogs. Very happy I bought my Shiba puppy from them and I highly recommend them.

– Joe from Los Angeles


Review 6


Pearl and Johnson are  great breeders. When we had questions or contacted her, she was very responsive and very transparent about the entire process. Transparency included having us do video calls to see the puppies, sending pictures of the puppies, sending us email references we could contact, as well as tips on how to raise/take care of the puppy.  Definitely felt comfortable purchasing from them and definitely happy with our shiba!

-Tiffany T. Vu


Review 7

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I purchased my beautiful little puppy from Pearl & Johnson last weekend…they were both so very pleasant to deal with from start to finish 😍 Pearl communicated with me throughout the whole process & sent me photos & videos almost daily. My little girl, who I named Mika, is so happy & healthy & such a wonderful addition to our family of 3 other Shibas.

Thank you for everything!

-Donna Morris


Review 8

My family and I have been looking to adopt shiba inu puppies for a while now, ever since meeting them in Japan during a vacation and falling in love with the breed. Fortunately, I had the opportunity and came in contact with Pearl and she had two available puppies for adoption. She is very professional, respectful, and passionate about the shiba inu puppies that she raises. In addition, she is also very transparent about the entire process and will let you know step-by-step on how she raises her puppies, on how to adopt the puppies, and also give you helpful guides and tips on how to take care of the new puppy that you will bring home to your family. For me, she initially had 2 puppies available and I was supposed to adopt one, but upon meeting them, I ended up adopting both! They are named Kiba and Yoshi, 4 and 3 months old respectively. Both are beautiful and healthy, red male shiba inus. I couldn’t be happier with them, although they can be a pain at times to handle. I wholeheartedly recommend Pearl to add a wonderful shiba inu puppy into your family.  Instagram: Kiba_and_yoshi

-Daniel Ho


Review 9

Hi Johnson,

“Jasmine is doing great, she’s a happy active puppy and me and my girlfriend are in love with her. She is so adorable and loves to play. Also I’d be ok with being a reference; you guys were really helpful with lots of information on the puppy and helped us feel at ease throughout the whole process of the purchase. I would definitely recommend you guys as a breeder.”

-Mr. George Lopez


Review #10

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(Hello Johnson and Pearl),

Thanks for the advice. Everything ended up working out and he is doing fine.

His name was changed and given by my daughter who I surprised her with.
She wanted to name him Ken like Barbie and Ken, and I jokingly suggested Kylo Ken ( after the name Kylo Ren) and she liked that a lot.

He is a very good boy and well behaved. My daughter basically wrestles with him and can play hard, but he is very patient and sweet guy.

Everyone compliments him in the street, and the dog parks we have taken him to people are shocked on how well behaved and social he is, since a lot of Shibas are not like that.
The vet we took him to said the same, that she was so surprised on the way he is and that it is not too normal for this breed. We wouldn’t have any idea since this is our first dog!
But we are very happy with him!

Thanks again for letting us welcome him to our family.
We made an instagram so you can see some of his pics and videos.



Review #11

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Dear Pearl and Johnson,

Please find below my review and photos for Milo (formerly Lucky).

Since my first year of law school (2017), I followed and admired Pearl and Johnson’s Shiba Inu puppies, hoping to purchase one for my last year. I fulfilled my dreams and brought Milo into my life. Milo is outgoing, energetic, sweet, and smart. He was incredibly easy to potty train, and he does well in his obedience classes. Most importantly, Milo is quiet and does not annoy my apartment neighbors. He is popular at my law school and in my apartment complex, and people think he is the most beautiful puppy (which he is!). Pearl and Johnson were amazing to work with. Buying Milo from them was an easy, smooth process, and they are incredibly transparent and thorough with their instructions. I cannot thank Pearl and Johnson enough for brining Milo into my life. Thank you Pearl and Johnson!

Here is the puppy’s Instagram page:
Thank you again!


University of California, Irvine School of Law

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