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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, this is Pearl, looking for the PRETTIEST, HEALTHIEST and most PERFECT purebred puppy?  You have come to the right place!  We speak English and Chinese.

We are home breeders, not a puppy mill or middleman.  Based in LA and ships NATIONWIDE.

We love and treat puppies as our own family, so we give our dogs and puppies 90 nutrients that includes 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 3 Essential Fatty Acids(like Organic Flax seed and coconut oil).

We are the only puppy seller in the world to give our puppies 90 nutrients as recommended by the #1 vet in the world. 

We have pics and videos proving this.


Question 1:  Where are you located?

Answer 1:  We are an individual home breeder based in Los Angeles and Taiwan, we  sell worldwide.   We can ship our puppies to Asia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Dubai, Canada, UK, and major US. cities.  We have been selling healthy puppies for 15 plus years.

Q2:  Can I know the personality of the puppies? 

A2:  Yes!  Unlike puppy mills and middleman that do not interact with the puppies and knows nothing of the puppies’ personalities, we are home breeders, so we can tell you the exact personality of each puppy.  Often, a puppy mill/middleman will sell you a hyperactive or high energy puppy that you can’t handle.  So, you can tell us whether you want a high, medium, or low energy puppy, and we will find the perfect match for you!

Q3:  Is my deposit refundable?

A3:  The deposit is 300 USD thru Paypal.  It is NOT refundable because after your deposit, we take the puppy off the market and prepare him/her to be shipped to you.  So please think it over and be decisive and committed BEFORE you place your deposit.   We only sell most perfect and most pretty puppies, so usually right after we post a new puppy ad, 2 to 3 customers would be asking for the same puppy on the same day.  In those cases, customers that deposit first will have the priority.   You may request a live video call by your cellphone before you deposit.

Q4: What is the buying process for a puppy? 

A4:   Since purebred, pretty, highest class Shiba Inu, Spitz puppies are very rare in USA, we legally import them from Taiwan to LA, SF, SD, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, NY. (90 percent in US are mixed!  Many unpure Shibas born in US are mixed from the Alaskan Klee Kai, Alaskan Husky, German Shepered, Pomeranian, etc. )

5 EASY steps to buy from us:

  1. Pick the puppy that you really like.  We can let you see the puppy you like LIVE in our hands thru a video call by using the cellphone.
  2. Deposit is only 300 USD by Paypal.   Please note that deposit means you are committed and will keep your word.  Deposit is not refundable since the puppy will be taken off the market.
  3. We book a flight for your puppy.  China Airlines will call you to confirm the flight.  You can trust a big company like China or Eva Airlines that same way you can trust United or Delta Airlines.  We will email/text you the Air Waybill Number* , which is like the tracking number for the puppy, then you can online track your puppy 24/7 on their website.  Online tracking PROVES your puppy is on its way over.

  4. After getting the Air Waybill Number*  from us, you need to pay us the balance, we prefer that you pay CASH for the balance (due to the reality of many scams/fake buyers on the internet), Paypal accepted on rare occassions (but there’s a 4.5% surcharge).
  5. On the pick up date, please remember to bring the “Airway Bill Number” and 2 photo IDs and pick up your puppy at your local international airport.


Free Shipping to LA, SF, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Dallas airports. 

Free lifetime after sales support, free natural cures counsel for all puppy sicknesses that will save you at least 3,000 USD in the first 3 years on vet visits.  Free vet secrets.

We also expose how vets use scare tactics to get you to spend alot of money on unnecessary vet visits.

We are a very reputable, honest, and trustworthy puppy seller with Christian faith.  You can email us and we will give you over 40 references from our recent happy customers.  You may ask them about the buying process and see that it is 100% secure buying a puppy from us.

**If you want to avoid the 4.5% surcharge, you may choose to use Western Union at your local Walgreens drug store. Western Union is safe, fast, and secure, and we use it all the time. The transaction fee is usually only 31 USD, and we will pay for that.  Email us for more details. 


Lastly, we continue the lifetime after sales service/counsel for as long as you need.  We enjoy making friends and treat all our customers as lifelong friends.

Q5:  Many scams out there, how do I know you guys are not a scam but genuine?

A4:  Many scams and some copycats out there, so I can show you my real ID, cellphone, address, to prove we are real.  You can see me live by a video call or meet me in person as well.  To prove we are trustworthy and professional, we provide over  40 references (and counting), reviews, proofs and pictures of transactions, and previous contracts from RECENT happy buyers that picked up their puppies at LAX, SFO, or Seattle Airport.  That is alot!  A fake seller cannot give you that many!

Q6:  Can I see the puppy in person before making a purchase?

A6:  Yes and depends!  Sometimes we have puppies in our LA base for you to see in person, other times they are all sold out!  Every month the situation is different.  Email or call us for details.  We can always let you see the puppies that are in Taiwan LIVE thru a video call.

We sell to many cities like LA, SF, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, NY, Asia, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Philippines, etc.  So obviously we CANNOT fly a puppy to your city just to “let you see the puppy in person and not buy”. What if you don’t buy after seeing?  Then the puppies would be stuck in your city without a buyer and a caretaker, and we would be spending over 30-60,000 USD in air tickets alone.  Let’s be reasonable here.  Again, we can always let you see the puppies LIVE thru a free video call by your cellphone.

Keep in mind we can always do a video conference appointment by WhatsApp, LINE,  WeChat to see the puppy live and healthy in our hands. What you see is exactly what you get.

We also show you the microchip number of the puppy from the beginning by a video call, this ensures that the puppy you reserved is the exact one you will get. (Unlike dishonest sellers that might show you pics of a pretty puppy, then ship you an ugly one!)  We are the only ones that do this in the USA.  We are totally honest and professional.

Q7:  Do your puppies come with vaccines, health certificates, vet checks, health guarantees, thing like that?

A7:  Yes! Absolutely!  We regard the health of our puppies as most important and provide health guarantee against congenital defects, total of 3 shots of vaccinations(Nobody in the world offer this much!), vet checks, health certificate, de-worming, microchip, $500 USD X-ray report proving no hip dysplasia or congenital bone defects, and to other health tests.

Ask to see our contract and health guarantee details.  Emails us for the insider’s knowledge on how to discern between healthy and half-sick puppies.  This knowledge is crucial for first time puppy parents.


Email us about any questions you may have, or about the shipping cost and process to the 48 US mainland states.

*Our puppies are able to apply for AKC cerfification. Just order a KCT (Kennel Club of Taiwan) certificate for $150. KCT is internationally recognized by AKC, and can be transferred to full AKC.

TEXT (626) 780-9469    Pearl


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Frequently Asked Questions

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