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Purebred and imported Japanese Spitz puppy for LA SF NY Dallas Chicago

Name:  Stud

Sex:  male  

Price:  $4,100  USD (includes shipping to LA and SF airports, no other fees) 

Birthday:  5/20/2022

Availability date:  around 8/3/2022  

Stud  is a super handsome purebred and imported Japanese Spitz male puppy.

Japanese Spitz are considered, by dog experts, the easiest to train and smartest medium dog in the world

They are also the perfect and best mid-size apartment dog in the world.  They are kid-friendly, gentle with kids, medium energy, easy to groom, dog-friendly but not stranger-friendly. They are loyal and protective of their human families.

They are just as adorable and graceful as the Pomeranian, but much smarter and much easier to train.  They won’t bark alot like the Pomeranian often does.

In our opinion, the Japanese Spitz is the perfect medium size long hair dog, while the Japanese Shiba Inu is the perfect medium size short hair dog.

But the fact is, the Spitz is sort of easier to train.  In our experience, they are smarter and more submissive than the Japanese Shiba Inu.  80% of the time, they will come to you when you say, “come here!”.  Also, they will study your habits in order to please you and play with you.

In our opinion, after raising dogs like the Shiba Inu, Golden Retreiver, the Border Collie, the Chow Chow, the Spitz, and others, we sincerely believe that  the Japanese Spitz is the dog with the best personality. 

No other dog breed has a better and more gentle personality than the Spitz.

The Japanese Spitz will look something like this when grown up, see pics below:

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We are probably one of the very, very, few Japanese Spitz sellers in the US that has high class purebred Japanese Spitz puppies.

Since highest class purebred Japanese puppies like the Japanese Spitz are extremely rare in the US, we import MOST PERFECT ones from Taiwan to LA, SF, Seattle, Chicago, NY, Dallas, Vancouver.  As far as we known, most Spitz puppies in the US are not pure and most likely mixed with the Pomeranian or other small dogs.

It’s more expensive and virtually impossible to import Japanese Spitz puppies from Japan to the US due to stricter regulations after the Covid-19 situation.  But we can import our purebred Spitz puppies from our 2nd base in Taiwan to LA/San Francisco/New York/Seattle/Chicago/or Dallas customers.  

Since purebred, pretty, and top quality Japanese Spitz are extremely, extremely rare in the USA, we legally import them from Taiwan to LA, SF, New York, Seattle, Chicago, and Dallas airports for our US customers.

Email us only if you are a serious and financially capable buyer, and able to pick up at one of these international airports.

CASH preferred.  Paypal and credit card accepted on some occasions. 

Included Items:  health guarantee against congenital defects, 3 vaccines, nose to tail vet checks, health certificate, thorough de-worming,  $500 USD X-ray report that proves no congenital bone problems or hip dysplasia, microchipped, free lifetime after sales counsel, puppy nutrition teachings, natural cures, vet secrets that will save you over 3k in unnecessary vet visits  during the 1st three years.

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When buying a puppy online, how to avoid scams!

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