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Most Perfect Champion level Japanese Black Shiba Inu male puppy

Name:  Porsche

Sex: male 

Price: $4,300 

Birth Date:  10/4/2021

Availability Date:  around 12/20/2021  (December 20, 2021), before or after Christmas, depending on if an air ticket is available before Christmas. 

Meet Porsche, the most handsome and perfect black Shiba Inu that we have ever had so far.  He is probably the most handsome black Shiba Inu male puppy in the whole world!

Porsche is an imported Most Perfect champion level black Japanse Shiba Inu male puppy.  (We are able to import fer from Taiwan to LA/SF/Seattle/Chicago/New York/Dallas/Vancouver)

He has the biggest Urajiro of any black Shiba Inu, or white-colored pattern on his checks that looks like he is always smiling.

In addition, he has two tan-colored dots on top of his eyebrow, and his bodily patterns are congruent and perfect.

Notice champion level black Shiba puppies have white fur around the nose, snout, and lower cheek, which looks like a white region smiling face, and a beautiful angel wing-like pattern on the chest area.  Porsche has a very, very special angel wing like pattern on his chest.  

The Shiba Inu is a perfect medium size dog, not too big, not too small.  They are clean and quiet dogs and they don’t bark for no reason.  They will bark when there’s a thief, robber, stranger, fire, or an earthquake to warn you of danger.  They are the most loyal medium size dog in the world if you bond with them.

Loving parents only, and you must be financially stable.  

Since highest class purebred Japanese puppies like the Shiba Inu/ Spitz are extremely rare in the US, we import MOST PERFECT champion level ones from Taiwan/Japan to LA, SF, Seattle, Chicago, NY, Dallas, Vancouver, etc.

90% of US Shibas are mixed and they mostly have an ugly BLACK SNOUT that will NOT fade, and they usually have a sharp snout with ears that are too big.

Contact me only if you can pick up the puppy at LA, SF, Seattle, Chicago, NY, or Dallas airport. Make sure you understand that this is an imported, purebred Shiba Inu, not a USA born unpure fake Shiba puppy. 

Serious buyers only.

This puppy is only $4,300 including all taxes, testing fees, and free shipping to select US and Canadian cities like LA/SF/New York/Seattle/Chicago/Dallas/Vancouver.  

CASH only. 

Included Items:  health guarantee against congenital defects, 3 vaccines, vet checks, health certificate, de-worming, micro-chipped, $500 USD X-ray proof that this puppy has no congenital bone defects,  health tests, free lifetime after sales counsel, puppy nutrition teachings, natural cures, vet secrets that will save you over 3,000 on vet visits during the first 3 years alone…

*Also, we will freely teach you max nutrition so her fur will be soft and shinning, and much more beautiful than your neighborhood’s dogs.

Note:  As far as we know, we are the only Shiba Inu puppy seller in the world to give our puppies 3 vaccines, an X-ray test, other tests, free lifetime after sales counsel, and vet secrets. 

You can tell we emphasize highest quality, honesty, and integrity.  

Text (626) 780-9469  PEARL

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