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Champion level Japanese Black Shiba Inu male puppy

Name:  CK

Sex: male  

Price: $4,000

Birth Date:  1/10/2021

Availability Date:  around 3/24/2021  (March 24th, 2021) 

CK  is a  champion level black Japanese Shiba Inu male puppy.  Notice he has a very masculine look, and he looks as if he is wearing a Calvin Klein black suit. 

Notice champion level black Shiba puppies have white fur around the nose, snout, and lower cheek, which looks like a white region smiling face, and a angel wing-like pattern on the chest area.

CK has a nice masculine face with nice proportions and little ears, and with a very large area and perfect Urajiro, or white markings on the cheek area.  

Loving parents only, and you must be financially stable. Below is what she will most likely look like when she grows up.   

These pics below were given to us by our previous customers that bought a black Shiba puppy from us last year. 

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You can tell we emphasize highest quality, honesty, and integrity.  

This puppy is only 4,000 including all taxes, testing fees, and free shipping to select US and Canadian cities like LA/SF/NY/SEA/CHI/Dallas/Vancouver/Toronto.  

CASH only.  Paypal accepted on rare occasions. 

At, we strive to bring the PRETTIEST, HEALTHIEST, and most PERFECT puppies to our worldwide customers! We are the only puppy seller in the world to give our puppies 90 nutrients as recommended by the #1 vet in the world.

Included Items:  health guarantee against congenital defects, 3 vaccines, vet checks, health certificate, de-worming, micro-chipped, $500 USD X-ray proof that this puppy has no congenital bone defects,  health tests, free lifetime after sales counsel, puppy nutrition teachings, natural cures, vet secrets that will save you over 3,000 on vet visits during the first 3 years alone…

Text (626) 780-9469  PEARL

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When buying a puppy online, how to avoid scams!

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