Our Red Shiba Inu-puppy to adult

Customer review from Chris Hu, his Instagram is here:

I had been set on looking for a Shiba Inu puppy for about 2 years since I first met my first one through my roommate. As a result, I had gone through a reasonable amount of time looking for a breeder in California. However, all breeders I had come across either had waitlists over a year long with no guarentee of how the puppy will look. I did come across some breeders who did have puppies for sale immediately but after I had done more research, they turned out to be puppy mills selling mixed-puppies that have been kept in cramped backyards (which can have a delayed but devastating effect on the puppy’s health and behavior) as pure-bred shibas.

Finally, I came across Pearl and Johnson who offered a competitive and reasonable price for a very high quality puppy. In fact, they had taken care of the bulk of the logistics of flying my puppy over to California from Taiwan and it still cost the same as I would have paid from a breeder with year long waitlist. From our conversations, I could tell that they really knew what they were doing and made a good effort to make sure that I knew everything I needed to know about taking care of my new puppy. If you are considering a puppy and whether you are a new or an experienced owner, I can whole-heartedly recommend Pearl and Johnson as your first choice.  I got him around 3 months old and he is as handsome and healthy as ever.  Instagram: @wilbur_the_shiba

-Chris Hu

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