What is the best potty training method for a puppy?

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What is the best potty training method for a puppy?

setup option



What is the best potty training method for a puppy?

Puppy Potty Training – “How To Do It The RIGHT Way”

Potty Training Puppy Apartment – Official Full Video – How To Potty Train A Puppy Fast & Easy

After watching the above mentioned video, I would suggest that you don’t need to buy this expensive cage.  Just put potty pads inside a regular cage, and the puppy bed outside the cage This is better than doing it the other way around, as placing the potty pads inside the cage will confine the pee or poop area to just inside the cage!  This way you can use a tray to catch the pee and poop at the bottom of the cage, and the pee won’t make a mess all over the floor, since liquid pee tend to spread in every direction on the flatness of the floor outside the cage.  Also, please realize that some dogs like to sleep inside a small space like a cage, so they might not want to do the potty inside a cage. 

setup option, a good choice

Some options when it comes to puppy potty training setup: 
setup option

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We recommended using a play pen like pictured above, along with a potty pad or potty training crate/cage.  Don’t give the puppy too much space at first or else he/she will get too much space and be undisciplined.  Once puppy learns to pee consistently on the pee pads/potty pads, then gradually increase the space within the puppy fence slowly, until you can trust your puppy with the whole living room or half a house.  Keep your puppy away from kitchen trash cans and toilets to prevent them from digging into them.

P.S.  After initial success in guiding the puppy to the potty pads, leave about 2% of the puppy’s pee and poop on the potty pad to direct him/her to go back to potty in the same potty pad.  The above techniques have helped many of our customers to potty train their pups within 3 days or less.

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