Red Shiba Inu-puppy to adult

Name:  Prints , formerly called “Annie”,  bought by our customer “Rebecca”, a lawyer
Born on April 25, 2018
personality:  sweet, friendly, likes all humans and kids…
Father:  Moses (a black Shiba Inu male)

Mother:  Esther (a white Shiba Inu female)


more of Prints’ pictures here:

favorite foods:  chicken eggs and cheese

from 3 months old to adulthood pics.  Notice that “Prints” had a white smiling face (Urajiro) since she was 2-3 months old.  At about 4-5 months old, her face looks sharper, but later, her face grows fatter and her “round apple face comes out.”    All these are real and factual pictures taken from Prints’ Instagram page. 

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Print’s sister of the exact same parents, called “Anna”, sold to a Cantonese Christian couple in Los Angeles. 


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TEXT (626) 780-9469  PEARL


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