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Japanese Super Red Shiba Inu puppy -for LA SF SD NY Chicago Dallas

Name:  Tranquility

Sex:  female   

Price:  $3,300 USD

Birth Date:  7/25/2020

Availability Date:  around 10/9/2020

Tranquility is a Japanese Champion level Super Red Shiba Inu female puppy without a black snout, and with a white smiling face with small ears. She has light grey fur on her snout, which will fade into “orangey” red coat as she grows up.  (Note, if it’s black colored fur around the snout, then it will most likely not fade, but if it’s grey colored, not only will it fade, it will become very orangey red.)

Notice that she has a cute apple round face and small ears. Experts will tell you that regarding the Shiba Inu, the smaller the ears the better, and more expensive!

Tranquility is the perfect companion puppy that likes to cuddle on the sofa with you and watch TV.

Tranquility is a little over a month old, but Tranquility already has a very nice Urajiro, or white markings on the cheek area that looks like a “smiling face” region.

We believe she will be very beautiful at around 2 months old.  The last one we had was sold within 15 minutes after we posted his ad.

Female Shiba puppies are better suited for those living in apartments without a yard, or university dorms.  They need less room than males, but if you have a yard that would be great too.  They do NOT lift up their legs to pee and mark like males doFemales are also more gentle and submissive; they behave like cats and love to cuddle on the sofa with you.  And they like to lick you more than males do!

We have lots of customers wanting a Red Shiba female puppy.  So, if you are a serious buyer with financial stability, please read our “buying process” page and text me.  Loving parents required.

Shiba Inu are beautiful dogs that is medium size, not too big, and not too small.  They are quiet dogs and the least likely to bark dog breed in the world.  Also, they are one of the most faithful dogs breeds in the world.  Shiba Inu adults will warn you for fire, earthquake, or strangers outside your house. They are famous for that.   See this video clip from a Shiba Inu true story movie below.

Middleman sites like Puppyspot sells Red Shiba Inu puppies that have a black snout for well over 3,900 USD not including sales tax, but not this pretty, and with no Urajiro, or white markings on the cheek area..   Below is the proof:

Puppyspot and other middlemen don’t give any $500 X-ray test and other nose to tail health tests like we do.

You can tell we emphasize highest quality, honesty, and integrity.  

This puppy is only $3,300 USD including all taxes, testing fees, and free shipping to select US cities like LA/SF/NY/Seattle/Chicago/Dallas/Vancouver/Toronto.  This is a very good price! We offer highest quality while being alot cheaper than others sellers in the US.

CASH only.   

Free Shipping to LA/SF/NY/Chicago/Dallas/Vancouver airports.   Free vet secrets that will save you 3K in the first 3 years!. 

Free lifetime after sales support, free natural cures counsel for all dog illnesses.

At, we strive to bring the PRETTIEST, HEALTHIEST, and most PERFECT puppies to our worldwide customers! We are the only puppy seller in the world to give our puppies 90 nutrients as recommended by the #1 vet in the world.

Items Included:  health guarantee against congenital defects, 3 vaccinations, nose-to-tail vet checked and passed, health certificate, dewormed, microchipped, 500 USD X-ray report that proves no congenital bone problems or hip dysplasia, travel crate, vet secrets, pet nutrition articles, free lifetime after sale counsel, free natural cures counsel for all puppy sicknesses that will save you 3,000 USD in the first 3 years on vet visits, free dog cancer prevention knowledge, puppy also must pass 3 other health tests before you receive him/her.

We are the only one in the world to give this many tests to our puppies!

4 great PROS of buying from us


2. Highest nutrition, highest quality puppies.

3. We give all our puppies 500 dollar X-ray to prove they have no congenital bone defects. We also show you the microchip number of the puppy from the beginning by a video call, this ensures that the puppy you reserved is the exact one you will get. (Unlike dishonest sellers that might show you pics of a pretty puppy, then ship you an ugly one!) We are the only ones that do this in the USA. We are totally honest and professional.

4. CASH only for now.  In the near future, and in some occasions, CREDIT CARDS and Paypal accepted but with 4.5% surcharge.   FREE SHIPPING to LA/SF/Chicago/Seattle/NY.  Double check free shipping restrictions with us.

TEXT (626) 780-9469  PEARL – About us

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Our Recent Customers – What is the buying process for a puppy?

What is the buying process for a puppy? 

When buying a puppy online, how to avoid scams!

When buying a puppy online, how to avoid scams!

Comparison pics of pretty/ugly Shiba Inu puppies

Comparison pics of pretty/ugly Shiba Inu puppies – Puppy care tips

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