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Homebred Super Red Shiba Inu puppy, can see in person in LA

Name: Simon 

Sex:  male

Price: $1900

Birth Date:  5/18/2019

Availability Date:  8/24/201

Simon is a HOMEBRED Japanese Purebred Super Red Shiba Inu male puppy, and he does NOT have an ugly black snout like other lower class ones.  His father is a black Shiba and his mother is a white Shiba, which means he will grow up to be a very orangey super red Shiba Inu!  You can see both parents in person.

He is going to be a superb watchdog! Also, we give Simon 90 essential nutrients, so his health and fur will be better than any Shiba Inu in the US. 

He should have a big round apple face when he grows up, and should look like this Red Shiba called Ken, which we sold last year.

 Shibas are famous for being super loyal to their owner and owner’s family!

At, we strive to bring the PRETTIEST, HEALTHIEST, and most PERFECT puppies to our worldwide customers! We are the only puppy seller in the world to give our puppies 90 nutrients as recommended by the #1 vet in the world.

You can see this puppy in person in Los Angeles.  LA and San Diego customers welcome.  1900 Cash only for this puppy on a once a year back to school sale.

Shiba Inu dogs will leave you alone when you need space, and play when you are ready. He is on an organic diet with Okinawa coral calcium and 90 essential nutrients, not on cheap dog food. Shibas are perfect medium size dogs. Not too big, not too small. Will watch your house while not being rough on kids like big dogs are. Will bark to save your life during fire or earthquake.

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When buying a puppy online, how to avoid scams!

When buying a puppy online, how to avoid scams!

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