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Cutest Japanese Spitz puppy LA SF NY CHI SEA SD

Name: Nicky 

Sex:  male

Price:  $2,250  USD (International bloodline certificate included, this proves that it’s a purebred Japanese Spitz.)

Birthday:  5/25/2019

Availability date:  8/10/2019

Nicky is a super cute purebred Japanese Spitz male puppy.  Spitz are bigger than a small size dog but a bit smaller than a medium size dog.  Will be less than 15 pounds when reach adulthood.

*Nicky is sold but every month we have Japanese Spitz puppies that can be flown in from our 2nd base in Taiwan.  Spitz are so, so rare that once we have them in the US, they get sold out quickly.  So, let us know at least 3 weeks to a month in advance if you are serious about getting a Japanese Spitz. 

They are considered, by dog experts, the easiest to train and smartest medium dog in the world. We are probably the only one in the US that has high class purebred Japanese Spitz puppies. We only sell purebred Spitz with thick fur, not those malnutrition-ed ones with scarce fur that look like a plucked chicken!

Since purebred, pretty, and top quality Japanese Spitz are very, very rare in the USA, we legally import them from Taiwan to LA, SF, New York, Seattle, Chicago, and Dallas airports for our US customers.  Email us if you are a serious buyer, and able to pick up at one of these international airports.

They are excellent companions, perfect apartment dogs, and great family pets.  The Japanese Spitz are elegant, gentle, submissive, sweet, cute, intelligent, alert and playful, they are good watchdogs and companion dogs.  They do not bark for no reason. They are just as graceful and elegant as the Pomeranian, but smarter and a bigger watchdog, and they don’t bark like crazy like the Pomeranian does sometimes and disturb your sleep.

CASH preferred, Paypal accepted on rare occassions.

Included Items:  health guarantee against congenital defects, 2 vaccines plus rabies shot, vet checks, health certificate, de-worming, import paperworks, US Animal Quarantine checked and passed, 360 USD X-ray report that proves no congenital bone problems or hip dysplasia, microchipped, free lifetime after sales counsel, puppy nutrition teachings, natural cures, vet secrets…

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When buying a puppy online, how to avoid scams!

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