Comparison pics of pretty and not pretty Shiba Inu puppies

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Comparison pictures of pretty and not pretty Shiba Inu puppies

“How to discern between pure and unpure Shiba Inu puppies.”
By Pearl

Short intro:

At, we have the PRETTIEST, HEALTHIEST and most PERFECT puppies. We speak fluent English + Chinese. We are home breeders, not a puppy mill or middleman that sells sick puppies with diarrhea or hidden viruses!

We import highest class, purebred champion level Japanese Shiba Inu and sometimes other breeds from Taiwan to Asia, USA, and Canada. (90 % of Shibas in US are mixed with the German Shepherd or Korean Jindo!)

Some SF Bay area middlemen also import from Taiwan, but they buy 300 USD, unpure Shiba puppies with diarrhea, very big ears and a BLACK SNOUT that will NOT fade, and sell them to innocent first time buyers.

They will NOT give you ur money back if the BLACK SNOUT never fades! If a middleman claims that the BLACK SNOUT will fade, then let him write that on the contract so that if the ugly black snout never fades you can get your money back! 

At, we never sell Shibas or any dog with a black snout.  Even AKC registered Shibas born in the US might have a black snout that will not fade.  (Those AKC paperworks can be bought, you know? )  Remember that pretty purebred Red and Black Shibas must have a Urajiro, which in Japanese means white colored markings on the snout, cheeks, chest, and tail areas. See the picture below.

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About us, we love and treat puppies as our own family, we give our dogs and puppies organic food, 90 nutrients and MAX nutrition designed by the #1 vet in the world! Thus, our puppies are always prettier, healthier, and chubbier than others! We give our puppies $360. dollar X-rays to prove they have no bone defects. And other health tests as well. 

We also show you the microchip number from the beginning by a video call, this ensures the puppy you reserved is the exact one you will get. (Unlike dishonest middleman sellers that might show you pics of a pretty puppy, then ship you an ugly one!)

We are the only puppy seller in the world to have such HIGH standards and quality! We specialize in highest class champion level Shiba Inu.

We are devout Christians with honesty, integrity, professional knowledge.  We studied nutrition from the smartest, most effective, and world famous doctors and vets for over 17 years. We can give you 40 references and reviews from recent happy customers. Many of our customers say our puppies are the PRETTIEST they can find in the USA! Deposit is only 200. USD, CREDIT CARDS and Paypal accepted. FREE SHIPPING to LA/SF/NY/Seattle/Chicago/Dallas/Vancouver/Toronto.

First of all, let us look at pretty pure breed Japanese Black Shiba Inu puppies.

1A.  Our Champion level purebred black Shiba Inu puppies.

(Notice champion level black Shiba puppies have a white snout, and they also have white fur around the nose and lower cheek, which looks like a white region smiling face. Also, they have distinct 1 to 2 batman logo-like patterns on their chest. Very special. They are very, very rare, only a few are seen in a year. You may use your cursor to enlarge them.)

(above) David, and Darling(top right), and Bella (bottom right)

1593801452903 -Armani

P_20180706_095639_1_p  -Tommy   1515240349475  -Minnie

Notice in the pictures below , pretty purebred champion level black Shiba Inu must have white fur around the nose and lower cheek, which looks like a white region smiling face.
pretty Black Shiba  -true purebred Black Shiba Inu adult

1B  Other breeders’ or puppy mill’s not pretty black Shiba Inu puppies. (notice their faces are too black, they got a black and sharp snout, and the smiling face region of the face is almost all black!  Also, their ears are too big.)

Black Shiba, black snout  German Sheperd Shiba mix.jpg,485657  -(left) unpure and fake black Shibas will grow up to look like this!

(above)  most puppy mills or middleman in the US sell this kind of low-class black Shiba Inu puppies with a black snout. (above right) Many unpure black Shibas in the US are actually mixed with the German Shepherd, resulting in aggressive behavior problems.

2A.  Our pretty pure breed champion level Super Red Shiba Inu puppies.

*notice they do NOT have an ugly black-furred snout, as most USA born red Shiba do..

Below, our champion level bright Red Shiba Inu puppies.

**Most sellers won’t be honest enough to tell you this, but best-looking purebred Shiba Inu puppies should have an apple face.  The snout cannot be black or sharp, and the ears should not be too big and point to 2 o’Clock.  The ears should be:  the smaller the better.   (the market value of these kinds are $3,500 to 5,000 USD in 2020.)


1531416821899.jpg  -Peter

Notice that purebred champion level Red Shiba Inu must have white fur around the nose and lower cheek, which looks like a white region smiling face. Coat should be red/bright red, the underside should be white. With small ears and small eyes, and a curly tail. 

Shiba Inu -purebred champion level Red Shiba Inu (notice the apple round face, the Urajiro, or white-colored smiling face region.  And, notice the small ears that point straight up and not to the sides.) 

2B.  Other sellers’ ugly red Shiba puppies with a black snout.  Yikes!  Some USA breeders sell black snouted Red Shiba pups that are mixed from “Red Sesame” ones, but the “Red Sesame” mixed ones are generally regarded as low quality unpure and unwanted Shibas in Japan, China, and Taiwan!  Ask a friend who has been to an Asian country or Japan, and they will tell you that black snout Shibas are very much disliked by the Japanese themselves.

So, do some research yourself, and don’t be deceived by middleman that combine photos from different dogs and try to sell you a cheap and ugly “black snouted” mixed Shiba puppy that is half red, half black!   

Note:  these black snout red Shiba puppies will grow up to look something like this below.  This one below is actually an unpure “red sesame” Shiba that looks like it has been mixed with the German Shepherd.

(Warning:  Shibas mixed with German Shepherd will produce mixed puppies that might be aggressive, fierce, and dangerous around kids with behavior problems!)  We personally don’t like mixed dogs because their personality might be unstable. 

Red sesame Shiba with black snout –unpure “red sesame” fake Shiba adult with a black snout that NEVER faded..,94657 –AKC Red Shiba from the east coast USA with an ugly black snout, this proves that just because a puppy is registered with AKC, that does not mean it is a high class purebred Shiba Inu.

3A, below, our purebred white Shiba Inu puppies..


(below) Below is an unpure White Shiba Inu adult dog that is born in the USA.  Notice this kind of “unpure” white Shiba has big and pointed ears that go off to the side or 2 o’clock position, and a tail that does not curl up like true and pure Shibas.

1593903468973    1593903479883

(below) a Korean Jindo dog.  US breeders and sellers often disguise these as White Shiba Inu and sell them to first-time innocent Shiba Inu puppy buyers.  (Don’t be deceived!) Korean Jindo has big and pointed ears , and a sharper snout.  And their tails don’t curl up like purebred Shibas do.


Lastly, we at, only sell purebred, pretty, and high class Shiba Inu puppies.  Our puppies are always prettier than US breeders/pet stores.


Why settle for a used Toyota, when you can a Lexus for the same price or less? Likewise, why settle for a not-so-pretty Shiba puppy when you can get a purebred champion level Shiba puppy from us that’s a lot prettier, and for the same price or less? Sites like sells not-so-pretty Shiba for around 3,900 plus sales tax .  Ours are always less than 3,200 without charging you any sales tax, AND includes shipping.

So our puppies are the best bargain in all of USA!


Text:  (626) 780-9469  Pearl

LINE:  0916797529  Pearl

We also use WeChat, WhatsApp

We gladly accept credit cards thru Paypal



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