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Highest Class Teacup White Pomeranian puppy for SF LA

Name: Prada

Price: $3,300

Prada is a Highest Class purebred TEACUP white Pomeranian female puppy with a dense, thick, and puffy coat.  She also has short snout, short legs, and short body.  This means she is a  Highest Class TEACUP Pomeranian.   Will grow to be less than 2 kg. On organic diet with 90 nutrients recommended by the #1 vet in the world.

Unfortunately, about 90% of the Pomeranians in the US are unpure and mixed, as most cannot tell the difference between a purebred and a mixed one.  Middleman sites such as Puppyspot sells a white Pomeranian for over 3,600 USD plus 600 more for shipping and tax, but ours is a TEACUP with thick and very dense fur, so at 3,300, this puppy is a super great deal!   

Beverly Hills area in LA sells this kind for over 10,000! How do we know? because we used to sell to them.  But if you buy directly from us, you eliminate the middleman. 

EMAIL Pearl. Deposit is only 300, CREDIT CARDS accepted. Come with UTD on vaccines and deworming.

Prada is super cute, beautiful, classy, delicate and elegant. Very inquisitive, intelligent, and easy to train. The coat is soft and dense. Enjoys short walks and playing in the yard. Great city and apartment dog. Easy to take care of, almost odorless. If you want a small dog that smart and graceful, loyal and clean, and doesn’t smell, this is it!

We have sold Pomeranian puppies to USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, and Disney’s Dog with a blog. EMAIL Pearl. Deposit is only 300, CREDIT CARDS accepted. Come with UTD on vaccines and deworming. Video call ok.

Sex:  Female

Age:  1.5 month old

Availability Date:  When puppy is 3 months old

Included Items:  Health check, Vet check, vaccine record, import paperwork, health guarantee against congenital defects, receipt, signed contract.

4 great PROS of buying from us


2. Highest nutrition, highest quality puppies.

3. We give all our puppies 360 dollar X-ray to prove they have no congenital health defects.  We also show you the microchip number of the puppy from the beginning by a video call, this ensures that the puppy you reserved is the exact one you will get. (Unlike dishonest sellers that might show you pics of a pretty puppy, then ship you an ugly one!)  We are the only ones that do this in the USA.  We are totally honest and professional.

4. Deposit is only 200 USD refundable if you are in LA, CREDIT CARDS and Paypal accepted. FREE SHIPPING to LA/SF/Chicago/Seattle/NY.

CALL (626) 780-9469   PEARL


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When buying a puppy online, how to avoid scams!

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