Japanese Spitz-easiest to train puppy

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Japanese Spitz EASIEST to train puppy in the world!

Sex:  Male and female

Price:  $1,900  USD

Age:  2-4 month old puppies, will be available around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Email or call us for details.  Pearl cellphone: 626-780-9469

Pictured here, Sadie is a purebred Japanese Spitz female puppy that we sold this summer of 2018.  But every month we have male and female Spitz puppies available.

Some say the Japanese Spitz is the world’s smartest and easiest to train small dog.  They are so incredibly submissive, obedient, and gentle.  Perfect apartment dog and perfect small family dog.

We are probably the only one in the US that has purebred Japanese Spitz puppies.  In short, they have nearly all the pros of a Japanese Shiba Inu, but smaller and with long silky coat, and none of the sensitivity and unreasonable barking of the Pomeranian.

Since purebred, pretty, and top quality Japanese Spitz are very, very rare in the USA, we legally import them from Taiwan to LA, SF, Seattle, Vancouver, and NY for our US customers. Some say the Japanese Spitz is a small version of the Samoyed and is often confused with the American Eskimo. They make excellent companion and family pets.

Included Items:  Health guarantee against congenital defects, current vaccinations, vet checks, health certificate, dewormed, rabies vaccine, import paper works, US Animal Quarantine checked and passed.

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