Champion level Super Red Shiba Inu puppy LA SF SD SEA NY Chicago Dallas

Name: Mark

Sex:  Male

Price: $2,500

Sold on August 2018 to UCLA student

Mark is a Japanese Purebred Champion level Super Red Red Shiba Inu male puppy with a white smiling face region. We give him 90 essential nutrients based on the MAX nutrition program designed by #1 vet in the world, not on cheap dog food.   We are the only ones in the world to have such high nutritional standard and quality when breeding a purebred Shiba Inu.  Shibas are perfect medium size dogs. Not too big, not too small. Will bark to save your life during fire or earthquake.

Since purebred high class Shiba puppies are rare in USA, I legally import them from Taiwan to LA/SF/SEA/Chicago/NY, for my USA customers, and you pay no tax at all.

4 great PROS of buying from us

1. True purebreds

2. Prettier looking.

3. We give our puppies 360 dollar X-ray to prove they have no congenital health defects.  We are the only ones that do this in the USA.

4. Deposit is only 200 USD refundable if you are in LA, CREDIT CARDS accepted. Video call ok.  FREE SHIPPING to LA/SF/Chicago/NY.  We also ship nationwide.

CALL (626) 780-9469  PEARL

We gladly accept credit cards thru Paypal

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