Advanced puppy care tips, over-vaccination dangers

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Puppy viruses, parasites, vaccines, and natural diet

-Is it safe to give puppies 2 or 3 vaccines?

Compiled by Johnson and Pearl,

Endorsed by retired nurse, Anna, who studies holistic vet medicine from the #1 vet in the world.


Dear previous buyers, present customers, and friends,

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Whether you are an experienced dog owner or a first-time puppy owner,

I sincerely encourage you to read the following important information:

This is regarding how to prevent puppies from various diseases, parasites, and over-vaccinations, and there are articles on how to make your own natural dog food that inexpensive, delicious, and super nutritious!

“Be careful of Canine Parvo, and parasites like roundworms, giardia, or coccidia that gets into puppy’s intestines through pups playing on soil and grass.


How To Prevent Parvo Naturally

Dog breeders in Taiwan of over 30 years will honestly tell you that it’s best not to let puppies outdoors into backyards/parks, without getting a core vaccine and being over 6 months old.

Regarding roundworms and tapeworms, they are present in almost all grass and soil, so if your dogs play outside or go fishing with you, then they need to be dewormed once a month or so.  Roundworms and tapeworms can kill a puppy in 2 weeks by eating holes into the intestines.

My experience is that even a vaccinated puppy under 6 months can still get Parvo if we let it play outside on grass/soil.  If your other dogs are recently vaccinated, then they can still repel the live virus through their poop, and if a pup smells that poop, she will catch it right away, and die within 48 hours or less.  Very fast acting and deadly virus.

If a puppy catches Parvo, then the survival rate is less than 5%, unless you get a Holistic/Natural medicine vet, or use Paxxin.

But best to avoid it in the first place.  Best just keep pup indoors until six 6 month.  I know quite a few pet stores that lost like 10 puppies due to Parvo spreading quickly thru flies.

So watch out for flies that spread virus and bacteria!

My experience is that best to just give pup a core vaccine, and then follow the advice of Dr. Karen Becker, and keep the puppies indoors until 6-7 months old.

If a pup got more than 2 or 3 vaccines, then the heavy metals and mercury within the vaccines will mess up her intestines and absorption, the puppy’s appetite will decrease, and you run the risk of cancer a couple of years down the line.  *It is a scientific fact that all heavy metals will damage the GI tract and kill off lots of the good bacteria inside the puppy’s digestive system.

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Regarding diet, meat and fish is fine, fresh raw small fish fine too.

The Omega 3,6 fatty acids in fish is great for dog’s fur and immune system!

The more natural the better, as with humans.  Of course, it’s better to eat fresh meat and veggies instead of canned meat and veggies.  Fresh, medium rare steak, or cooked/raw ground beef than processed beef jerky or dead dog food.  Living foods always better than processed, bagged, or canned dead food.

It is really fun and comforting when pups are healthy and rarely need to visit a vet.

Yours truly, Johnson and Pearl  



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