PUREBRED TEACUP Maltese puppy for LA SF NY Seattle

Name: EVE   Sex:  Female

Birthday:  8/20/2018     Price:  2,600 USD

EVE is a PUREBRED TEACUP Maltese puppy, available to LA SF, NY, Chicago, Dallas, and Seattle buyers. EVE has a cute apple round face, and with a short snout, short legs. Most Maltese in the US are mixed with the Poodle, Husky, or the Pomeranian, so we import our purebreds from Taiwan.

Serious buyers please, and no haggling please. We give our puppies 360. dollar X-ray to prove they have no congenital health defects. We are the ONLY ones that do this in the USA! Free Shipping to LA/SF/Chicago/New York. Email or call for details. CREDIT CARDS accepted.

4 great PROS of buying from us

1. True purebreds

2. Prettier and healthier than others

3. We give all our puppies 360 dollar X-ray to prove they have no congenital defects. We are the only ones that do this in the USA!.

4. Deposit is only 200. USD refundable if you are in LA, CREDIT CARDS accepted. Video call ok.  FREE SHIPPING to LA/SF/Chicago/NY.

CALL (626) 780-9469 PEARL

We gladly accept credit cards thru Paypal


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