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1525168159808  -our champion level purebred Japanese Shiba Inu puppies (white, black, and red)

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-The mother white Shiba gets her own bed on the left.  The puppies have their own beds and potty pads.

(Left) The mother Shiba get her own bed and potty pad. The puppies have their own beds and potty pads.  We let our mama dogs breastfed their babies indoors to ensure they do not get contaminated with parasites and viruses from dirty grass and soils.
P_20180501_171431_1_p  -In the back there is a negative ion dehumidifier, an essential oil diffuser/disinfecting machine, and an ozone generator to clean the air and water.

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-Our medical grade “Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water”「微酸性次氯酸水」 machine, which emits vapors to kill off 99% of all virus and bacteria. This disinfectant is used is Japanese hospitals.  This machines also acts as an essential oil difuser. We use Now 100% pure essential oils for occasional puppy aromatherapy. We like lavender, lemon, peppermint, orange, rosemary, eucalyptus.

P_20180501_171448_1_p  -our ozone generator that kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus in the air and water. (Many famous scientists and government agencies use ozone to disinfect air and water. NASA also uses it to disinfect water for astronauts.)

P_20180313_155643_1_p  -our puppy safe heater for winter months.
-Himalayan pink salt, and Japanese Okinawa Coral Calcium is added to our puppies’ diet. It will give them around 30 to 72 minerals. We follow the MAX nutrition program by the #1 vet in the world.

-Coral calcium is given to our puppies. It contains 73 minerals. Great for bones, joints, heart, neurological developments, etc.
-Liquid ionic vitamins and minerals are given to our puppies to nourish every organ and boost their immune system.  It has over 90 essential nutrients with 72 minerals, 16 vitamins, and amino acids.

-Nature’s Way organic coconut is good for the puppy’s immunity and coat.  It is also a natural anti-parasite substance against coccidia and giardia.

-Organic Flax seed oil provides Omega 3,6, and 9 for puppy general health, heart, brain, skin and coat. It helps to prevent or cure allergies.  (You may, of course, use any brand of supplements that your holistic vet advise you!)

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When buying a puppy online, how to avoid scams!

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