Toy Red Poodle puppy on MAX nutrition

Sex:  Female

Birthdate: May 5th, 2018

Jasmine is a purebred Toy RED Poodle.  She was sold already.  

She is a beautiful, cute, and innocent female puppy. She doesn’t bark at all, and has quiet and mellow personality. We give her essential nutrients based on the program designed by #1 vet in the world. The elegant Poodle is a favorite family pet. The breed is very intelligent, trains easily, and is devoted to his family. They are quite playful, yet wary of strangers.

Poodles are sensitive, intelligent, and playful. Eager to learn, these dogs bond closely with their family. This breed is very intelligent, so training can be very easy. They seem to learn quickly what is expected of them. Available for you to see in person in LA right now. Email us to make an appointment. CREDIT CARDS accepted.

Items Included: health guarantee against congenital defects, current vaccinations, vet checks, health certificate, dewormed, rabies vaccine, import paper works, US Animal Quarantine checked and passed.


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  1. Hello! If Jasmine is still available, I would like to see if I can make an appointment to see her in person. I reside in DTLA and work in West LA.

    Thank you!

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